In Bruges
directed by Martin McDonagh
(Focus, 2008)

Two hit men, Ray (Colin Farrell) and Ken (Brendan Gleeson), are on a sort of makeshift holiday in Bruges, Belgium, after a hit gone wrong. While awaiting word from their boss, Harry (Ralph Fiennes), Ken is interested in sightseeing and the history of the place, while Ray couldn't be more unimpressed and can't wait to escape.

After hearing so many wonderful things about this film I was absolutely prepared to be let down. Movies rarely live up to the hype for me, but I am happy to say this one did -- and then some.

In Bruges had me laughing out loud, hard and repeatedly, as the levels of political incorrectness mounted and Ray and Ken played off each other with hilarious results. It had me sobbing big ugly girly tears as the emotion that pours from Ray -- his guilt, his sadness -- is absolutely palpable and heartbreaking. This movie had me gasping at the violence, on the edge of my seat and on an emotional rollercoaster from one minute to the next. It was great.

The performances are grand by all three main characters and the supporting cast lends equally wonderful and interesting performances. I found this to be a multi-dimensional and complex film filled with irony, humor, action and sadness. I was really stunned at the power behind Farrell's performance. He goes from a sort of spazzy, funny, slightly inept and combustible sidekick to a sensitive, deeply tortured soul in about 2 seconds, and every facet of his character is believable and brilliant.

In Bruges is one of those quotable films with a billion awesome one-liners and moments. This was easily one of my favorite movies from last year and is definitely now upon my list of all-time faves. I loved every fricken minute of it.

review by
Cherise Everhard

23 May 2009

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