(PARAS, 2000)

World music has been gaining popularity over the past several years. One reason is groups like Incendio. Their debut CD, Misterioso, is a pleasant blend of elements of flamenco, jazz and Middle-Eastern influences.

This California-based trio includes the guitars and bass of classically trained Liza Carbe. Peruvian born Jean-Pierre Durmand is a guitarist and keyboard player with a strong background in rhythm and blues, as well as jazz, country and Celtic influences. Both have worked together in film and TV music. The third member is guitarist Jim Stubblefield, who brings strong influences of flamenco, Indian and Moorish music. Several guest musicians provide percussion, viola and harp. The music on Misterioso is strong on guitars and percussion, and could be compared to music by Ottmar Liebert.

"Espiritu" features some passionate music by all three members playing flamenco guitars. "Jaco Y Paco" is a tribute to legendary jazz bassist Jaco Pastorious. "St. Margaret's Tears" has a flamenco-Celtic sound and includes the harp of new age/Celtic harpist Lisa Lynne. "Festival De Luces" takes on a Brazilian salsa flavor complete with a small horn section. The rest of Misterioso's eleven songs have an enjoyable sound that ranges from melodic to passionate. If you enjoy exploring world music, this one is a good choice.

[ by Dave Townsend ]
Rambles: 10 November 2001

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