J. Higgins-Rosebrook -- pagan, anarchist, crone, grandmother and aspiring novelist -- lives with the coyotes and ravens on top of a ridge in the middle of the Cascades in Washington State where she operates a NOAA/NWS observatory because she likes the solitude and the scenery.

Stories by Jacque include:

Akvarium, with Boris Grebenshchikov, Legendi Russkaga Roka

Gordon Bok, A Rogue's Gallery of Songs for 12-String

George Dalaras, Oi Megaluteres Epitucies Tou (His Greatest Hits)

Gallimaufry, Dig Me a Ditch

Armando Garzon, Escandalo

Hilary James, Bluesy

Shawn Phillips, I'm a Loner

Shawn Phillips, Shawn

Harvey Reid, Fruit on the Vine

Harvey Reid, In Person

Mohammad Reza Shajarian & Kayhan Kalhor, Night Silence Desert

Arto Tuncboyaciyan, Every Day is a New Life

various artists, Caribbean Voyage -- Saraca: Funerary Music of Carriacou

various artists, Italian Musical Odyssey

Wendell Berry, Jayber Crow

Gillian Bradshaw, The Sand-Reckoner

Asphodel P. Long, Athene Revisted

Abundance, a May saunter (rambling)

Boris Grebenshchikov, a musical revolution (rambling)

A heart's desire (rambling)

Mother Nature & Me (rambling)

To be or not to be ... a shaman (rambling)

To my friends who missed the Leonids (rambling)