Roby James,
Beyond the Hedge
(Juno, 2007)

Beyond the Hedge is a romantic novel of a different sort. The story starts in the real world with real characters who eventually get entangled in a world that belongs to the past.

Jennifer Paul, the main character of this story, finds herself 200 years in the past in a magical place called Clipton Magna, where she meets Jeremy, the handsome heir to the local lord. In this magic realm Jennifer tries to decide what to do, how to react and what to think since this serene world around her seems to depend on her decision. What will happen to the magic realm? Is Jennifer going back to reality?

Author Roby James is very good at describing places and making them seem real. Also, the character description is detailed and vivid, so readers will easily identify with them. Beyond the Hedge is an enjoyable read that keeps the reader's interest intact from the beginning to the very end. It caters to romance lovers, fantasy readers and all ages over 18. It is interesting to find cultural aspects in the story, thus making it more appealing. The language is clear and simple so that it can be easily be read by everyone.

James has also written science fiction and historical fiction.

review by
Liana Metal

29 December 2007

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