Max Jammer,
Einstein & Religion: Physics & Theology
(Princeton University Press, 1999)

I greatly enjoyed this book.

Certainly, as most people, I am interested in what Albert Einstein thought about God and the Big Question. Just as curious, I have always been intrigued at how Einstein has influenced the way we think about religion or more specifically, spirituality. Countless times I have read about Einstein's quote regarding "spooky action at a distance" when reading books that attempt to explain spirituality. In addition to this quote, several other Einsteinisms pop up in these tomes.

The book guides us on a journey of how deeply affected Einstein was about the spiritual realm, but also how his theory of relativity has influenced theological thought ever since.

Written in clear, concise language, Einstein & Religion is not a path of conversion to Einstein's concept of religion. The reader will not find a single sentence or word with a missionary intent. The book presents a philosophical and historical perspective without bias. That was exactly what I wanted and exactly what I got.

book review by
Michael L. Gooch

23 October 2010

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