Jena Ball is a freelance writer and editor with a passion for nature and the environment. She began her career as a technical editor and restaurant columnist, but has since branched out into adventure writing and teaching online journalism classes. She is the founder of Write from the Start, a Hawaii-based company specializing in producing creative copy for small to medium-sized businesses. When not writing, teaching or catching up on bookkeeping, Jena can be found swimming with the dolphins and turtles off the Hawaiian coast or vegetating with her cat. For more information on Jena and her writing, see Write from the Start.

Stories by Jena include:

Anita Best & Pamela Morgan
The Colour of Amber

Baka Beyond
East to West

The Clayfoot Strutters
Going Elsewhere

James Krueger
And Then a Silence Falls

Greg Meckes
Moments of Clarity, Part I

Sue Pyper
Before You Learn to Fly

Wendy Weatherby
Two Loves

When Pigs Fly

Donald Davis
A Room of My Own

David Brendan Hopes
A Sense of the Morning

Scott Russell Sanders
Hunting for Hope: A Father's Journey