JLA: Gods & Monsters
Dan Jolley &
Josh Krach, writers,
Scott Benefiel, artist
(DC Comics, 2001)

Once again, a story that began with a very good idea lost something because its creators pushed the idea too far.

The basic setup of Gods & Monsters is a good one: A group of people whose lives have been saved by the world's superheroes have gathered together in a cult that deifies and worships those heroes. And now, like many religions throughout history, they've decided to try forcing their faith on everyone.

Great premise. But Gods & Monsters pushes the idea too far, providing the cult with dozens of massive, UFO-like "war wheels" with which to impose their will on the masses, including enough outer space technology to confront even the very heroes they worship. And the cult's leadership couldn't be a normal, misguided human -- of course not. Instead, we have Sister Glory, a musclebound, huge-breasted zealot who dresses in scanty nun's attire and tosses dissenters into the closest incinerator.

Scott Benefiel's artwork is great, but the story by Dan Jolley and Josh Krach is merely adequate. It's a pleasant read if you have 10 minutes to kill, but I wouldn't waste too much time seeking this one out.

[ by Tom Knapp ]
Rambles: 2 March 2002