JSA: The Unholy 3
by Dan Jolley, Tony
Harris, Ray Snyder
(DC Comics, 2003)

The original team of writers and artists is back to reprise their success on The Liberty File, an Elseworlds tale set in post-World War II-era Europe, with The Unholy 3. Hardened undercover agents The Bat and The Clock are at work again, this time with the high-powered but inexperienced new hero, Clark Kent, on their team. Agents are dying all over Europe in a scramble for the Trigger, a device that could trigger a global holocaust.

But Kent isn't who we think. Not Kal El from Krypton, as fans of the usual Superman continuity would expect, but Zod, a conscience-less killer and madman. More almost-familiar heroes are summoned as the situation grows dire, and some are no match for the forces of darkness arrayed against them.

The Unholy 3, like its predecessor, is an excellent and exciting take on modern characters in different times. The art is similar as well, dark, gritty and cinematic, and without the annoying curlicues on everyone's knuckles this time. The final sequences are no-holds-barred action in the best DC tradition, with unexpected twists leading to the climax. Another winner for Elseworlds!

- Rambles
written by Tom Knapp
published 3 May 2003