Hand Judy Lind a really good book and she loses all sense of time and place.

A bookworm since kindergarten, she thinks she may have been born reading. Favorite authors include Jane Austen, Stephen King (pre-1988), Jose Saramago, Mary Renault (probably the best historical novelist in the English language) and Harper Lee, who got it so absolutely perfect the first time, she never wrote another book. As for movies, any well-directed film with a good plot, good characterization and good acting will do. Great special effects do not add up to a great movie; George Lucas, please take notice.

Judy is very happy to be a part of the Rambles.NET community.

Reviews by Judy include:

Janet Aylmer
Darcy's Story

Jon Clinch

Stephen King
Pet Sematary

Harper Lee
To Kill a Mockingbird

Cormac McCarthy
The Road

Big Trouble in Little China


Kill Bill, Vol. 1

Kill Bill, Vol. 2

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers