Dave Justo,
(independent, 2007)

What would happen if Bach, Beethoven or Chopin were composing today and their music was being played on modern instruments?

This debut album by Dave Justo provides an idea what it might be like.

I'll admit, I prefer acoustic to electric guitar. But, the first time I heard this young man play I was stunned by his virtuosity and what he had done with some classical standards. There's a lot of talent here and it shows in the 10 tracks on this self-produced album.

A native of Pennsylvania, Justo has played with several bands, including Headless Cross, a metal band that has been compared to Megadeth. He is now pursuing a solo career with his main inspiration the Baroque and Romantic periods of music.

Selections on Aura range from rock to metal to classical and back again. Listeners will have no difficulty recognizing the source in "Chopin Etude 10 Opus 1," "Bach Sinfonia 15" and "Bach Lute Suite." It's the interpretation that's impressive. The album includes original compositions in a more modern vein, including "Herbie's Heat," a collaboration with Sean Hennessy, who provides backup, and the lovely "Dance of Time."

review by
John R. Lindermuth

1 March 2008

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