Lisa Karp, with Dr. John,
Fucsia Blues
(Adore, 2005)

Lisa Karp and Dr. John team up to create some pretty fine jazz on Fucsia Blues. The music includes some wonderful funky grooves and, combined with Karp's range in styles, makes this a CD to listen to. It is a well-rounded package.

Most of the music here is the work of Dr. John (piano, synth bass, drum programming, organ, vocals, vibes and strings, keys and electric guitar). Karp also plays the synth bass and acoustic guitar (for one song each). The other musicians who lend their talents on this CD are Mark Shields (lead guitar), Hugh McCracken (electric guitar outro on "Everything's Broken"), Antonio Miguel (bass), Uwe Petersen (drums), Don Avalon (acoustic guitar and electric guitar), Sean Whitters (electric guitar) and Miles Kennedy (drum programming).

The bass sets the pace early for "Why Do I Wait" and Karp's sultry voice works wonders in this song of love gone wrong. The music moves from jazz to the blues in "Everything's Broken (duet)," with lyrics that are more spoken than sung. Karp's vocals pick up a touch of smoke for "Call Home" and the music is the wisps on the edge.

The delivery of "Dose of You" can take a moment to get used to, but it fits in with the music and the lyrics. The light touch of the piano opens "Good News Rumors," then her voice combines with the piano to create an emptiness in the song. There is a quiet anger in the lyrics of "Curve of the Truth" and the vocals bring out the hints of it.

The music of "Try" is a wonderful funky grove. The images in "My Life Hotel" form a swirling set of snapshots, combining with the music to give a psychedelic feel to the song. Karp's voice return to full sultry breadth in "South Pacific," as she asks to be taken to there. They return in "Good News Rumors (lounge version)" one more time, and the differences between the two versions are fairly subtle.

Fucsia Blues may not be the be all and end all of jazz music, but Lisa Karp and Dr. John have crafted a solid CD that is consistently good, and very good at that.

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review by
Paul de Bruijn

8 November 2008

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