Rebecca Katz,
Spendin' On Today
(independent, 2007)

Rebecca Katz is a singer, songwriter and guitar-player from Cambridge, Mass. She states in her promotional material that her "favorite four-letter word is 'folk'." Her debut album, released in 2007, is called Spendin' On Today; it's pretty short -- less than 25 minutes -- because there are only six songs on it.

"If You See the One" starts out the CD on a not-too-positive note. Rebecca is running away from love, but she expresses her views with a sense of humor. As she sings in the chorus, "So if you see the one I could love / Just give them a push in the wrong direction / 'Cause I've been waitin' for so long / I just spent the last of my affection."

My favorite track on the CD is "Kiss Me Goodnight." As is the case with the previous tracks, the guitar provides just the right background to the piece. It is the lyrics that grab the listener. She tells her lover about all the things that they do not have to worry about, from reacting to her moods and actions to going with her to places they don't want to go. However, there is one thing her other half must do: always kiss her goodnight.

There are times I'm not sure what is better, Rebecca's singing or her guitar playing. When she starts the intro for "The Real Thing" I find myself listening more to the guitar than the lyrics. The melody is fairly simple and repetitive, but it still manages to have a hook of sorts. It also sounds like there are two guitars playing at times. The lyrics in this song are in contrast to "If You See the One." In this case, the singer is apparently in a relationship and singing to her partner.

Spendin' On Today is simply a girl and her guitar. The folk songs found here are bare bones without extra instrumentation. Rebecca has a pretty voice that does not need to hide behind instruments like some artists do. The melodies she plays lend a special air to Rebecca's work.

You can hear snippets of her songs on her website listed below. I am glad that Rebecca released an album as I have enjoyed her singing and guitar playing. Unfortunately, for my money and her talent, I would prefer a full length CD.

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review by
Wil Owen

31 January 2009

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