Lisa Kelly,
(Celtic Collections, 2003)

Lisa Kelly was chosen as lead female vocalist for Riverdance: The Show, and listening to her debut album you will hear why. Here is a crystal clear voice with a range that will entrance even a casual listener.

Opening with the beautiful "Siuil A Run," she invites us into a world of traditional and new music. One slight criticism I would have is her pronunciation on "Run."

She moves on to a song that has been done to death, but she manages to breath new life into that excellent standard "Carrickfergus." Anyone who has witnessed Riverdance will love the inclusion of the haunting "Lift the Wings" from that show. You will also enjoy re-living the show with "Home and Heartlands." "The Soft Goodbye" was a nice surprise for me and I loved the track.

Lisa gives us two Shaun Davey compositions on the album. The first of these is "Dubhdarra," a beautifully titled song that is well written and expertly performed. Listen to this and tell me you cannot picture the scenes. The second Davey track is "The Deer's Cry" from The Pilgrim. This had me transported to medieval Ireland.

Very few people attempt the works of Enya but Lisa does and Lisa gets it right. Her interpretation of "May It Be" from The Lord of the Rings is top class. Given the Tolkien story's Biblical connotations, it is not surprising to be reminded of a classical hymn on this track.

The compositions from David Downes and Caitriona Ni Dhubhghaill on the album are fantastic; my favourite of these has to be "Homecoming." This beautiful album closes with another film song, "Now We Are Free" from Gladiator.

Lisa is a singer and a voice for the 21st century who will have great success if she gets the exposure. This CD shows her range and an obvious love of music. Do not just listen to this album. Play it and experience it.

- Rambles
written by Nicky Rossiter
published 21 February 2004