Sherrilyn Kenyon,
Dark Hunter #7: Seize the Night
(St. Martin's, 2004)

Valerius is a one-man Dark Hunter, an Immortal who works to make this world a better place by killing daimons. Nobody likes him, not even the man who is assigned to be his squire. He was executed by his family back in Rome and tends to believe anyone he helps is cursed by him. He's reserved -- snobbish, for someone who's lived in this world since the Roman Empire. And still in love with a woman he couldn't have before he died.

Tabitha owns a sex shop named Pandora's Box on Bourbon Street, New Orleans, which caters to transvestites. Though she's not a Dark Hunter by blood, she "moonlights" kicking daimon ass. She's part of a large family in more than one sense of the word: she has seven sisters and she's also part of a gay "family." Just about everyone knows her on the street and despite her eccentricity, she's well liked.

They met by accident when daimons attacked Tabitha and Valerius tried to save her life -- only to get stabbed by Tabitha as an accidental twist. They're definitely not likely partners, but they have a strong attraction. When Valerius realizes Tabitha and her twin sister -- who's married to his enemy -- are in danger, he has to help.

The book is witty and interesting. Kenyon's characters are well-realized and her world is one I would want to visit again.

However, Seize the Night would have gotten a stronger rave from me save for two flaws. First, the threat to Tablitha and her sister was not apparent until page 127. True, I was enjoying myself seeing Valerius and Tabitha's relationship unfold, but the novel is billed as a romantic thriller and the thriller part was getting neglected.

Second, author Sherrilyn Kenyon switches point of view so quickly sometimes it's tough to catch whether it's Tabitha or Valerius thinking. You get used to the switches after a few pages, but the style is distracting if you are not used to it.

review by
Becky Kyle

5 June 2010

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