Megan King,
Pretty Songs
(independent, 2008)

Today's technology -- computers, home studios and so on -- has given artists a way to get their music out that didn't exist for earlier generations. It has also allowed artists to have total control over their recordings -- which brings us to Megan King.

On Pretty Songs, her first collection, King has written all of the music and lyrics, does all the vocals, plays all of the instruments and has produced and mixed the album. She even did the artwork, photos and layout. The result shows her strengths: good voice, sincerity and a passion for her music. Unfortunately, it doesn't show off her talents as strongly as it could.

Like most artists, especially at the beginning of their recording careers, she needs a producer, a second set of ears. A good producer knows how to mic the instruments to get the best sound out of the acoustic guitars that dominate this album. He knows how to bring in other instruments to blend a sound, instead of simply as more accompaniment, how to emphasize a pattern without becoming repetitious and how to bring out the best in a singer. A good producer can encourage an artist to go beyond her previous limitations, to be better than she thinks she is.

King could benefit from having a producer. Not because she's made a bad album; she has not. Pretty Songs is very listenable and displays an imagination and a talent that should be nurtured. Having another intelligence that she trusts and responds to would have helped King reach beyond the potential that Pretty Songs shows.

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review by
Michael Scott Cain

22 May 2010

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