Mindy L. Klasky,
The Glasswrights' Test
(Roc, 2003)

Mindy L. Klasky presents the fourth book in the Glasswrights series, following The Glasswrights' Apprentice, The Glasswrights' Journeyman and The Glasswrights' Progress. In The Glasswrights' Test, Klasky puts her heroine into grave danger.

Rani Glasswright is determined to qualify for the guild rank of Master Glasswright. She is pleased and proud to be notified that the skills test will be offered in the kingdom of Brianta and she is invited as a candidate. She does not see that it could be a trap. What she does in Brianta is crucial to her future. She cannot be seen as weak before the hostile Fellowship.╩What happens to Rani and her entourage╩is chilling.

There is much striving for excellence in Test. Rani wants to be a Glasswright Master, King Hal wants to make his kingdom a peaceful and prosperous place, the little Princess Berylina wants to pay homage in the shrines to the Thousand Gods and Larinda wants to create a masterpiece on the last day of the test. These dreams require dedication and hard work.

This bestselling series is popular among young adult readers. They are the perfect audience to watch Rani mature after she passes the many tests fate has in store for her.

- Rambles
written by Jean Marchand
published 4 October 2003

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