Mindy L. Klasky,
The Glasswrights' Journeyman
(Roc, 2002)

Rani Trader's story continues with The Glasswrights' Journeyman, the third book in The Glasswrights' Saga. Mindy Klasky has once again drawn a complex, entertaining storyline around very believable, quite human characters. She has the ability to write honestly about her characters, showing their flaws and weaknesses in the same full light as their positive characteristics. Klasky's characters are neither completely good nor utterly evil; they are convincing people enmeshed in an enthralling storyline.

The fire that destroys Morenia not only burns its buildings and homes, but also brings with it a dreaded disease called firelung that is plaguing King Hal's people. Wondering from what direction help will come, the king seeks assistance in the form of a dowry. If he can convince the Princess of Liantine to marry him, his country may be saved. Rani accompanies King Hal to Liantine to aid him in his pursuit of a solution for the troubles of his war-torn, disease-ridden country of Armanthia; however, she soon discovers that the king is seeking relief in a place steeped in scandal and religious upheaval.

While Rani still seeks to restore the glasswrights' guild, she is also ultimately drawn in by the glassmaking artistry of the Players and the complexities of the silk trade. The welcome return of characters from previous books in the series also adds to the social complexities of the story. Klasky handles the many plots and subplots that intertwine throughout her story with skill and care, and she deftly brings them together to make the storyline satisfyingly complete while leaving readers waiting for her next book in this series.

- Rambles
written by Carie Morrison
published 11 January 2003

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