Sirona Knight,
Celtic Traditions:
Druids, Faeries & Wiccan Rituals

(Citadel, 2000)

Celtic Traditions: Druids, Faeries & Wiccan Rituals is much more than just a description of the folklore elements of the Celtic belief system. It provides instructions for utilizing the Celtic system to bring about positive change in yourself and the world around you.

The book is divided into six sections: "Celtic Roots and Shamanism," "Celtic Gods and Goddesses," "The Druids," "The Faeries," "Modern Celtic Traditions" and "The Future of Celtic Traditions."

The first section provides an overview of the history of the Celtic culture from the time of the hunter/gatherer society to the present people. It introduces us to the interconnectedness of the world and teaches the basics of shapeshifting. The next section tells about the deities and provides an extensive list with descriptions and realms. The "Druid" section teaches about the oldest religion in Britain. The author has included the Ogham with a complete list of symbols and explanations. It teaches how to use this system in daily life.

The section on faeries will blow you away. It tells you the basics of faeries and the Otherworld. There is a list of days and moons for your convenience in working with the faeries. This section is quite lengthy and covers the types of faeries with an engaging narrative.

"Modern Celtic Traditions" examines the various paths of Celtic beliefs and the types of Celtic groups, before focusing on the Wiccan aspect. It includes several Wiccan ceremonies, including "Drawing Down the Moon." The author explains about the elements and provides a list of magical tools.

The last section basically says that the Celtic traditions are here to stay and that we need them more than ever before because of the state of the world today. There is a wonderful source list that will guide to anything related to Celtic traditions, a list of recommended books and a list of Celtic music.

This is a most interesting book. I have read it several times and still enjoy it tremendously. It never grows old. Sirona Knight has a lively writing style that is descriptive enough to have you visualizing faeries all around you. Her instructions are easy to follow and quite clear. If you enjoy reading about Celtic culture, get this book.

- Rambles
written by Alicia Karen Elkins
published 21 June 2003

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