Lorna Joy Knox,
Two Tales of Mystery
(PublishAmerica, 2006)

A family inherits a distraught ghost girl and a magnificent surprise. A woman lives quietly with her son and an amorous spirit. This pair of short stories combines to create a delightful mystery novella with two seriously twisted endings. The book is Two Tales of Mystery by Lorna Joy Knox (nee Ramsamugh).

These mysteries intrigue readers while being both creepy and disturbing. The families in the tales are real, living people undergoing a terrifying experience. Exquisitely visual description carries the reader through every aspect of the characters' lives. Each feature and trait is lovingly detailed. Through everything, the characters support each other as loving families, enabling them all to reach the dazzlingly happy endings.

The books offer a pleasant British country flavor, combined with a deep-seated love of family. Warm and caring, these two delightful stories are simultaneously shadowed and uplifting, haunting and joyous.

by Valerie Frankel
17 December 2005