Lorna Joy Knox,
Flames of a Rose
(PublishAmerica, 2004)

In a time when all poetry falls into aimless free verse patterns, a return to form and structure is always appreciated, even unique. Flames of a Rose is the debut collection of author Lorna Joy Knox (nee Ramsamugh). As the title implies, the stories focus on love, both romantic and familial, as the author pulls us on a whirlwind journey through life in all of its complexities.

The mood changes: sometimes fed up and frustrated, sometimes ecstatic in love's embrace. This myriad of emotions reminds readers that they are participating in, not a single flamelike romance, but an entire life filled with family and angst, love and growth. Nature, holidays, travel, personalities -- all appear in no particular order, swirling together to form a complex image.

"My Rose" rhymes delicately to a loved one, while "Infinity" speaks with giddy enthusiasm of the wondrous joys of nature. "To see, summer breezes wave the golden grass/to dance among fresh herbs, jasmine in such golden class," the author writes in glowing euphoria. "Precious Gran" is a sweet, adoring poem to which all readers can relate. "Sunday Mornings" and "Clutter" appear side by side, reminding readers of the multitude of disparate experiences that make up family life.

Knox's poetry has won international acclaim and appeared in a variety of anthologies. Her first collection, with its stunning cover and soulful words, cannot fail to touch its readers.

- Rambles
written by Valerie Frankel
published 5 February 2005

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