The Morning After...?
(Harbourtown, 1998)

K-Passa is a UK band which, judging from the sleeve notes, appears to have changed its membership a number of times in a short period. This is a double CD that appears to be compiled from various releases over a few years as well as live performances and studio demos.

The band's sound is interesting in that it seems to cover a number of moods, possibly reflecting the changing line up and time scale involved. I would imagine that K-Passa is or was a very exciting live act who would have the audience dancing on the tables and screaming for more. The CD is probably best played at top volume to try to capture this excitement.

With 36 tracks there is very good value to be had here. I particularly liked "Whispered Light," with its echoing and haunting sound building to quite strong deep chorus.

"Tired Themes" is almost six minutes long, and it revamps some very familiar tunes from the folk tradition. "Jackboots" is an up-tempo piece, a genuine toe-tapper that reminds this old timer of a great live band of the 1970s called East of Eden. (Anyone else remember that far back?) Much in the same vein is "Louisiana Two Step" with some spirited fiddle playing and great changes of pace.

The album employs guitars, fiddles, squeezebox, mouth organ, cello, banjo and Hammond organ among many other instruments.

The Morning After...? is not a album to play on a morning after if you are feeling poorly. It is the album to play at that party on the night before the morning after -- I defy any party to falter if this is on the player.

[ by Nicky Rossiter ]
Rambles: 20 August 2001