James Krueger,
Bluebird in the Snow
(self-produced, 2005)

James Krueger is a poet. That he is also a talented musician should come as no surprise. As Poe so aptly put it, "Music, when combined with a pleasurable idea, is poetry; music, without the idea, is simply music; the idea, without the music, is prose."

Krueger's poetry -- and his music -- are derived from an appreciation of nature and often combined with philosophic statements derived from life and relationships.

There are 12 tracks on this album and they offer pleasant listening with his warm voice and guitar. But, listen -- or, better still, read -- the lyrics for a deeper insight into his music. It has roots in the folk tradition but its depth is somehow more contemporary.

His voice and guitar are backed up here by T.G. Vanini on violin on "Armageddon," "Creek in the Glen," "Sailing" and "Gypsy/New Year's," by Deborah Ocherow on vocals for "Catskill Mountain Snow" and Tod Levine on tambourine for "One to the Crow."

Krueger began honing his poetic and musical skills in his teens. This is his fourth solo album and it's obvious he hasn't reached his limit yet.

by John R. Lindermuth
16 September 2006

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