Gabe G. Kubichek,
Gold & Where You Find It
(Outskirts, 2006)

The want of gold has obsessed man since the beginning of time.

Because of its unique qualities -- it doesn't tarnish, corrode or rust -- we have equated it with wealth since the days of King Midas. Even many who will never actually venture into the wilderness in search of it have dreamt about it, or fantasized as they read books or watched films about treasure and treasure hunting. Gabe Kubichek's book provides another such opportunity.

Even better, for those who might consider prospecting, Kubichek has provided an excellent introduction to the subject. And, his information is based on actual field experience.

In less than 200 pages, the author provides maps to give you an idea where to look in the U.S. and Canada, lists the tools needed, explains what to look for, describes the various methods of prospecting and even gives a list of reliable equipment suppliers.

A native of Hungary, Kubichek immigrated to Canada after the 1956 revolution and joined his brother, Matt, working in mining. Matt later bought a gold claim in British Columbia. Gabe decided to continue his education but often visited his brother and worked with him in his mine.

Even if you never plan on prospecting, this little book offers plenty of opportunity for daydreaming.

review by
John R. Lindermuth

20 October 2007

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