The Lacemakers,
The Lacemakers
(independent, 2012)

This self-titled selection of Scottish, Irish and Appalachian songs with new music in the vein is a wonderful introduction to the Lacemakers.

Our perception of lacemakers can often be older ladies in secluded surroundings carrying on a centuries-old tradition. This trio certainly fit that latter category (the "tradition," not the "older" part) but their lace is definitely modern. They give a unique spin to traditional songs, making a new sound in the process.

Not that they abandon the traditional, which is augmented in a terrific fashion by ladies who have a true love of the music.

Here among the baker's dozen you will find well-known songs such as "Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore" and "Mari's Wedding." But seek out "Number 44" -- this is a new song inspired by an 1896 poem by a lady named Addie Ballou. This beautiful song will bring tears to the sternest eye if you really listen.

The ladies show their musical credentials on a set including "South Wind" and "Fanny Power." Their interpretation of "Star of the County Down" is a bit different from that instilled in schoolchildren of Ireland, but it sounds great ... as does the hillbilly sound on "Revenuer."

The sound produced here makes me jealous of those who will hear these ladies perform live in West Coast fairs and, if there is any justice, on nationwide television.

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music review by
Nicky Rossiter

12 May 2012

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