Mercedes Lackey, editor,
Sun in Glory &
Other Tales of Valdemar

(DAW, 2003)

Sun in Glory has 13 original stories, contributed by various authors, on Mercedes Lackey's land of Valdemar. The title story is by Lackey, and it is a tribute to her success and the appeal of Valdemar that there are such entrancing short stories provided by other leading authors in the genre.

Each author seems well acquainted with the magical realm, its Heralds and Companions, Empaths, Farseers, Mindspeakers and so on. With each story, one learns more about a different aspect of the land and its customs. The first tale gives an idea of how the magical world came into existence, and how communities of people together with their healers were sent through special gateways to other parts of the planet in an effort to avoid the effects of a magical war -- and how, virtually overnight, the effects were seen within the unprotected animal kingdom.

The book begins with a story about war, but Lackey ends it with a tale about peace, which will be brought about through the spiritual joining of opposing forces.

This is a must for Valdemar fans, and presents no problems for the reader not familiar with this land. The only criticism is that my copy contained many errors not seen by the proofreaders, and quite apart from the spelling mistakes, there were also some momentarily confusing omissions and errors of gender reference.

- Rambles
written by Jenny Ivor
published 3 July 2004

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