Tim LaHaye,
The Merciful God of Prophecy:
His Loving Plan for You
in the End Times

(Time Warner, 2002)

Well known for his Left Behind series of novels about the "end times" predicted in Revelation, Tim LaHaye explores the theological and biblical evidence in this abridged audiobook. He lays a detailed groundwork for his thesis -- that as a loving deity, God has a plan for us all ... provided our beliefs are the "right" ones. His interpretation is straightforward and tautological, drawing on scripture to provide the evidence for the prophecies made in scripture, which will not be convincing to those seeking scientific or archaeological evidence.

Richard M. Davidson's reading enhances the book greatly. While LaHaye, who recorded the introduction, is no slouch in the speaking department, Davidson's exuberant, enthusiastic presentation adds zest to the text. His rich, expressive voice exhorts the listener to believe.

There is nothing new here theologically speaking, but for those for whom LaHaye's brand of eschatology has appeal, this is a worthwhile purchase.

- Rambles
written by Donna Scanlon
published 19 July 2003

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