Penny Lang,
(Borealis, 2006)

Stone+Sand+Sea+Sky is a folk gem from Penny Lang, a Canadian icon who may not be as well known elsewhere as she should be. From the beautifully arranged and produced opener, "Sudden Waves," the listener will free fall into the wonderful laidback yet confident style on offer here.

Most of us have heard a song called "Careless Love." Listen to her version and you will realize you never knew the song, which holds a common story in its lyrics. "Prairie Sky" boasts a virtual orchestra of somewhat unusual instruments, but they blend oh so well with this lady's voice.

She proves her self a dab hand at writing as well as performing on her own composition, "Diamonds on the Water." The upbeat "Let Me Fly" will have your feet tapping. Penny also has a knack for taking a song and making it her own, as is evident on Bob Dylan's "One Too Many Mornings."

One of my favourite offerings for lyrics and performance has to be "If I Could Be the Rain." The mellow delivery is captivating. The album closes with the title track.

by Nicky Rossiter
16 June 2007

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