Christine Lavin,
Good Thing He
Can't Read My Mind

(Philo/Rounder, 1988)

Some people might think Christine Lavin sings only from a woman's perspective and can be appreciated best by women. Well, as a guy I can tell you that our side can enjoy her sense of humor as well. Christine has a way of presenting her opinions in such an entertaining way that it's a pure pleasure to listen.

On Good Thing He Can't Read My Mind, Christine mixes plenty of laughs in with some serious topics. I enjoyed the chuckles the most.

In the title track, Christine sings about doing things she has no desire to do only to support what her lover enjoys. For example, "I am eating sushi / when I do not like sushi / but he loves sushi / and I love him." Ditto for opera and skiing. Unfortunately for those reading this review, the lyrics are only half of the fun. The rest comes from her delivery; Christine must be heard to be truly appreciated.

I would bet many listeners would choose "Mysterious Woman" as their favorite track. She sings about wanting to write mysterious songs that make everyone wonder what deep thoughts she's hiding. Instead, she's thinking about defrosting her refrigerator.

Christine often sings something you weren't expecting. The last song on the CD, "Ain't Love Grand," is a perfect example. She sings from an old woman's perspective when she states, "Ain't love grand / Ain't love grand," but catches you off guard when she adds "though it's never happened to me personally." Again, Christine's delivery is a large part of her hook.

If you do not appreciate Christine's lyrics or delivery, you can focus on her work as a musician. This music is very good! At times she reminds me of Suzanne Vega. Sometimes, she sounds like former Go-Go Jane Wiedlin. At other times, she sounds a bit more like adult-contemporary. You can definitely place the musical styles from the 1980s, but Good Thing He Can't Read My Mind is absolutely worth checking out.

- Rambles
written by Wil Owen
published 7 December 2002

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