Piers Lawrence Quartet,
Stolen Moments
(Jazz Net, 2007)

Piers Lawrence, a New York City guitar player who has done everything from Broadway pit bands to touring and recording with soul great Wilson Picket, says it has always been his dream to make a straight-ahead quartet album. Now, with the help of Chuck Fowler on piano, Jim Hankins on bass and Sir Earl Grice on drums, he has done it.

The result is a light-hearted album with soulful melodies and harmonies that strike your ear as fresh and new. The material ranges from classics such as Sonny Rollins' "Pent-up House" and Charlie Parker's "Donna Lee" to Sammy Fain's "Secret Love," which began life being sung by Doris Day in a film score. Lawrence also tosses three originals into the mix.

In all, it's a good, solid album that contains nice playing, but very few real surprises. You'll enjoy it but the details of the CD might not linger long in your memory.

review by
Michael Scott Cain

20 September 2008

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