Great Big World
(ListenGood, 2007)

Washington, D.C.'s Lea has been climbing the folk-singer-songwriter ladder for a few years now, and her time on the road, playing clubs and festivals internationally, has sharpened both her vision and her ability to put that vision over to an audience. Always a good performer and a sharp songwriter, she has turned a corner and become superb.

Great Big World is the mature expression of a confident and capable artist who knows exactly what she wants to do and is confident of her ability to pull it off. It's a masterful CD, one that shows an artist at the height of her powers, in touch with her muse and her skills.

Lea's voice has always been a marvel. On her previous albums, the voice -- a magical soaring instrument -- was the main focus. Her arrangements were stripped down, the instrumentation sparse but always interesting (she is a fine guitarist) and the songs were good enough to win her five Washington Area Music Association awards.

Great Big World, though, represents a major step ahead. With this record, all of the elements have come together, creating a totality that will live in your mind, heart and stereo for a long time to come.

Give it a listen. You'll listen to it again. In fact, you'll listen many, many times and your pleasure will increase with each hearing.

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review by
Michael Scott Cain

1 December 2007

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