Josh Lederman y Los Diablos,
It's a Long & Lonely Time
Until the Train Will Bring You Home

(Nine Mile, 2001)

This band provided some promotional materials describing themselves as kings of Irish-Jewish Folk Punk, a sort of Pogues via Tom Waits.

From the get-go, "Four in the Morning" has a very definite Shane MacGowan-like sound. (As a matter of interest, what is the fascination with that time of day -- this is the fourth title referencing it I have heard.) "Winter Hill" is a fascinating song with some very witty lyrics -- "that led behind yards we thought had fronts but never had backs" and "I'll make you a sweater from fallen leaves." And "Moosejaw Express" showcases a very accomplished set of musicians on an excellent instrumental track.

My favourite track must be "The Northern Wind," which again has a very Pogue-like sound. The words are very good and the clapping and variations in delivery give it a great live track feeling. "Stolen Flowers" is a very unusual love song in that it seems to be about a couple having an affair. Strangely, it works.

Like so much of the work on this CD, the track "Darling, I Quit Drinking" has a fabulously fresh take on love in a modern world. It is a far cry from hearts and flowers -- but when you think about it, isn't the idea of a man giving up drink a better sign of love than buying flowers? That is the joy of this album. It takes love into urban lands in the 21st century where the romance of the movies has little place.

Based in Boston, this band could have a big future if the breaks come their way. The lyrics are original and memorable -- if a little small in the liner notes. (I needed a magnifying glass to read them.)

We should hear more of this band, although the name might give purchasers a different expectation and maybe cause potential fans to pass them by.

- Rambles
written by Nicky Rossiter
published 18 January 2003

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