Noel Lenaghan,
No Trouble at All
(Long Eared Owl, 2003)

This lovely CD opens with a fantastic version of "The Three Sea Captains" and so draws the listener into the world of a great new talent, Noel Lenaghan. No Trouble at All combines old and new in a beautiful gentle mix that will delight even casual listeners.

The notes are fairly sparse but I surmise from the fact that the CD was produced in two County Galway studios that we are hearing a Galwayman. He shows his writing talent on some tracks such as "Like the Ancient Mariner," on which he combines English and Irish lyrics. He repeats the formula for writing some great lyrics on "Don't Spread Yourself Too Thin."

Lenaghan is not afraid to tackle other people's works, either, and provides a lovely version of "My Lagan Love" and the instrumental piece "The Flatbush Waltz," which he combines with "The Ashplant" in a hypnotic set. I particularly like the track called "Lula Wall," which was completely new to me.

The particular joy of this CD is that Lenaghan has collected a number of traditional tunes and songs that have not been overexposed in the past. One of these is the lovely "The Pride of the Springfield Road."

My favourite track would be another of his own compositions. It deserves mention even if only for the title, which is so Irish, "There She was Gone." The lyrics are simple and deep at the same time, as so often the case in a humorous song. With lyrics like "she clicked her heels, away she fled" and "I'm havin' none of that she says and there she was, gone" will give you an idea of the theme of lost love.

Noel Lenaghan is another name to watch out for. Given a few shots on national radio, there are a few potential folk hits on this CD.

- Rambles
written by Nicky Rossiter
published 27 December 2003