Another Life
(Elaine, 2007)

Another Life is the third CD released by Canadian singer/songwriter Lenore. The music is mostly folksy. Lenore's singing style is kind of quirky, but playful. While not otherwise notable, her vocals actually work with many of the tracks found on this CD.

My favorite song on the CD is "The Hippie Song." This track is anti-war and anti-establishment. The lyrics crack me up. "When I was young I wanted to be a hippie / I'd have lots of boyfriends, live downtown / and study ESP / I'd work in a bookstore, wear tight t-shirts / and drink green tea / And every chance I got I'd be out there again / I would march for peace."

"Happy Anniversary" is a tongue-in-cheek look at marriage. Again, the lyrics are key in this upbeat track. "Well if I think I'm very special / Probably I'm not / But if I think that I am crazy / Chances are that is my lot / If I think that I am yours / I am wrong wrong wrong / Because I belong to no one."

"I'll Make You Smile Again" has kind of a country feel. This song has a more contemplative mood to it. The person Lenore is singing to used to be a happy person. They were "on top of the world." Now Lenore is wondering "what the hell happened to that happy guy?" As the title suggests, she seems to be making a point to cheer this person up.

Lenore is joined on Another Life by Paul Mills (6-string, 12-string, and classical guitars, mandolin, banjo, and percussion), Tom Leighton (piano, accordion, organ), Rick Whitelaw (electric guitar), David Woodhead (electric bass) and Dennis Pendrith (acoustic bass).

Lenore does not have the world's best vocals. She has a hard time holding a note at times. Her voice isn't terrible: it just isn't good. But the music and lyrics make Another Life a CD worth considering. Lenore is very witty. Sometimes the music is very pretty. She sounds like she would be the fun aunt whenever she came to visit and brought along her guitar. She is definitely entertaining.

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music review by
Wil Owen

22 February 2014

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