Rebecca Lerwill,
Relocating Mia
(Bridgeway, 2007)

Rebecca Lerwill, an equestrian and trainer from Germany, resides close to the Wasatch Mountains in Utah and balances her life between writing, her horses and traveling all over the country with her husband, Troy.

Relocating Mia is a romantic story set in Siberia, Russia, where Mia has been sent by her firm to research the place. She works with a new partner, Douglas, who is far too attractive for her to ignore, and who seems to be the perfect man.

The story starts with Mia preparing to travel to Russia and her first encounter with Douglas. Their relationship grows steadily but, on the way, Mia gets into trouble. She is kidnapped by drug smugglers, and the Red Mafia is also involved as well as Douglas, who is not what she believed him to be. Mia's life in at risk and Douglas knows that it is his fault. How can he save her? Mia is too precious for him to let her die.

The story has all the ingredients that make up a bestseller: adventure, mystery, love, hate and suspense. It is fast-paced and involves a lot of action. There are agents that fight against odds and ruthless people who want the heroes killed. Vivid description of action scenes offers the reader a movie-like experience that is gripping to the very last page! It caters to adults, adventure/mystery lovers with a splash of romance.

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review by
Liana Metal

22 December 2007

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