Paul Levine,
Solomon vs. Lord
(Bantam, 2005)

The words explode like fireworks. Two young trial lawyers, Steve Solomon and Victoria Lord, take potshots at one another during a trial in Dade County, Florida. As the story begins, they are in jail, in opposite cells, for contempt of court. Their bickering continues and their attitudes about each other change little while they are in jail awaiting release.

What a beginning! Paul Levine's new book, Solomon vs. Lord, is a raucous and amusing tale with dialogue reminiscent of the banter between Kate and Petruchio in The Taming of the Shrew.

Solomon and Lord become Solomon and Lord, Partners (for convenience, and ostensibly for this case only) when wealthy Katrina Barksdale needed a defense team. Despite their differences, they bury the hatchet and get to work to clear Katrina of murder.

From start to finish, this book is a whirlwind affair. The pace is sprightly with memorable scenes coming from within the courthouse and in Greater Miami. Levine delivers a first-rate defense for Katrina, the widow Barksdale, who is not as flighty as she looks. There are humorous situations and well-drawn characters, as well as an easy flow of action. Twists and surprises season the mix.

My local librarian said that a patron recently returned Solomon vs. Lord with this comment: "I am shocked by the language in this book. Put me down for the next one in this series ASAP!" The newest Solomon vs. Lord book will be released in February 2006. Look for Deep Blue Alibi and expect more of the same provocative, lively shenanigans.

by Jean Marchand
14 January 2006

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