The Levins,
(independent, 2015)

Julia and Ira Levin kicked off 2015 with a new release of uplifting folk music celebrating the human spirit, friendship and connection to the earth.

The title track of Trust opens with a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt, "You've got to move to change the state you are in," which sets the tone for the album. It doesn't hurt that the couple have beautifully-blended voices and are supported by a stellar selection of guest artists.

If you enjoyed their previous release, My Friend Hafiz, inspired by the poetry of a Sufi mystic, you're certain to be pleased by the combination of inspirational lyrics and seamless harmonies in Trust.

Natives of California, Julia and Ira met at an open-mic event in 2000, married and merged their talents as musicians. They moved to New York in 2010 and have been gaining an appreciative audience throughout the Northeast. They won the 2011 songwriting award at the Connecticut Folk Festival and were named emerging artists at the 2014 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival.

Some of the 12 tracks of Trust will remind you of the halcyon days of the 1960s folk music revival, but all are original compositions save for "God's Spies," inspired by Shakespeare, and their cover of "Love Song" by Bruce Cockburn. It's all good music, which makes it difficult to name favorites.

Guest musicians providing back up on the album are Don Hickey, drums; Sean Dixon, percussion; Sara Milonovich, violin; David Moss, cello; Aharon Bolsta, tabla and Indian flute; and Mark Donn, bass, guitar and mandolin.

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music review by
John Lindermuth

9 May 2015

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