Peter Lewry,
I've Been Everywhere:
A Johnny Cash Chronicle

(Helter Skelter, 2001)

If you're the sort of fan who wants to know everything about your favorite star -- from where he was born to what kind of jam he likes on his toast -- then this book is for you. Peter Lewry, who is the founding editor of the Johnny Cash fanzine, The Man in Black, has assembled a comprehensive guide to the life and work of the famed singer-songwriter-actor.

The book begins with a biographical sketch that includes information on his parents and siblings, his early introduction to music, education, military experience, first marriage and debut recording. An interesting side note is that Cash was already determined to sing and be on radio by the age of 15.

Lewry has attempted to provide a complete tracking of Johnny Cash's professional life with details on every concert date, TV appearance, filming schedule, record release and interview. If he hasn't succeeded, he's come as close as humanly possible up to and including July 5, 2001.

There's a nice selection of photos and a discography of singles and albums released in the United States. A foreword by Lou Robin, who served as personal manager for Cash and June Carter from 1972 on, adds more interesting tidbits about their lives and a comment I especially liked: "Johnny rose from humble beginnings to become an internationally acclaimed songwriter, singer, poet, actor and author. In so doing he became a role model to those who have slipped and fallen and even to those who did not slip in their travels through life. Johnny's example has enabled so many people to pick themselves up and keep heading toward their life's goals."

- Rambles
written by John R. Lindermuth
published 5 March 2005

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