Jenn Lindsay,
(No Evil, 2003)

Jenn Lindsay is unbelievable. Her biography notes refer to being raised by wolves on the moors in England. OK, so this is an attention getter -- she then admits to San Diego origins. I still think she is unbelievable -- in the best possible way.

Here is a young lady playing guitar and bass, a one-time New York receptionist who can write and deliver modern folk music with the best. In reviewing an earlier CD, Gotta Lotta, I noted that if New York lost that receptionist, music would gain a star. I hope I did not precipitate something if her boss read it because her new CD is called Fired.

She notes that it is a themed album about losing your job, hating your job and being bored with your job. Sadly, if economic trends continue, Lindsay's songs for the jobless, brave and indignant may get a wider audience than she would like.

In just six tracks she grabs our attention and makes us consider what our existence is all about. Why are we defined by the job we do?

The CD opens with "Paper," a tale of the end of a job that will resonate with anyone who has been there. "Shoo Fly Shoo" is a heartfelt song about working and what it can really mean in terms of your life. She gives us folk rapping on "Tick Tock."

My favourite track is "You Not Me," a sad song that is sung in an upbeat manner belying the reality of how difficult it can be to make living. This is the track that could be featured on mainstream radio and make Lindsay the success she deserves. She is irreverent and self-deprecating, which may keep her from ever being a star. How many top stars would write, "wet soaks through my pants to my hundred thousand dollar brain"?

This is a short CD but says more about modern life -- not just in New York -- than many lush production 20-track offerings.

You can access the lyrics online, but you need to hear that voice to get the feeling behind the words. It may be difficult to buy, but try. It will encourage Lindsay to keep at this job, at least.

- Rambles
written by Nicky Rossiter
published 14 June 2003

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