Jenn Lindsay,
Perfect Handful
(independent, 2006)

Jenn Lindsay sometimes describes her music as anti-folk, But a better explanation might be that she is part of a group of New York City-based singer-songwriters who share a distaste of mainstream popular prepackaged music. So, even before I listened to her CD, I already I liked her attitude.

Perfect Handful is a very pleasing collection of original songs. Her songwriting style could be compared to artists like Ani DiFranco, as well as many other female artists from the Lilith Fair era who influenced her songwriting style. Her songs have a delicate but tough sound, and her voice also has a more delicate sound than some of her fellow artists. The songs contain the same type of introspective personal lyrics that we might expect, but in her case, that is a good thing.

The CD starts off by rocking out with "Got My Baby," a fun sarcastic look at a relationship. On "Good Thing," she shows a softer side that compares a current relationship to that of her grandparents. "Rain" combines a nice melody with thoughtful lyrics that also look back at what we might guess as a previous relationship. "I am Closer Than I Appear," inspired by the sound of the group The Decembersists, has a folk-rock sound and is another example of Lindsay's good songwriting.

Perfect Handful, which is Jenn's seventh CD and was financed entirely by her fans, is a nice mix of thoughtful songwriting, combined with a nice voice and a pleasing outlook on life. Her songs deserve a listen.

review by
Dave Townsend

20 March 2010

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