Dominique Lise,
20 Years
(Nu-Lise, 2007)

Maine-based singer-songwriter Dominique Lise goes from rockers to ballads on her first CD.

Lise has a powerful enough voice to carry the faster ones, and she is backed by rock instruments including nifty electric guitar solos. Others are more folky, like "Blue Collar," a tune about growing up. "Fit In & Be Cool" recalls early Sheryl Crow with its partly spoken lyrics. "Elijah" has Lise backed only by her guitar and cello.

There are a few mid-tempo love songs that are uninteresting as you might guess from their titles, "Nothing Like Your Smile" and "Promise I'd Love You." Not that she cannot sing slow numbers. She can carry the six-and-a-half minute solo ending track, "Let the Music Be Your Guide," just with her heartfelt vocals.

This is a promising, high-spirited debut.

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review by
Dave Howell

28 February 2009

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