Little Rock,
Little Rock
(self-produced, 2002)

Little Rock's self-titled CD comes with little information about this new Canadian country band, but it has a rich sound and some thoughtful lyrics.

"If It Was Easy" is the initial track and you get a taste of the sentiment with the second line, "it wouldn't be love." "Sheila" is an interesting track, with clever wordplay like "Sheila she love she love somebody." Then they slow things down for "See In the Dark," with a nice, thoughtful set of lyrics that reminds me of bands like the Eagles.

"Tell Me Why" is a good story-song that you will enjoy with repeated listening. Each time you hear you will pick out more of the biographical details. (How much easier this would be if they provided the lyrics.)

My favourite track is "Picture on the Bedroom Wall" -- a lovely song, well-written and performed, which asks why lovers cheat and lie. Then it longs for a relationship to return to the lovers as they looked in the old picture on the bedroom wall. "Boys" is another top pick that bears repeated listening.

This is a collection of very good songs played very well. As I have said so often of such albums, any one of five or six of these tracks has the potential to break into the charts either for Little Rock or another artist, if the magic break comes. I really enjoyed the material but it saddens me that it might not reach a wide audience, as it deserves.

Just one piece of constructive criticism, as a new band you need to make life easier for reviewers. You are writing fine lyrics but unless they are included we miss a percentage of the output. A little info on the band and the background to songs can greatly enhance your CD without too much extra cost. Having a website -- even if lyrics are there -- is not enough. CDs are bought to listen to not to encourage us to search online.

- Rambles
written by Nicky Rossiter
published 25 January 2003

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