Marjorie M. Liu,
Hunter Kiss #3: A Wild Light
(Ace, 2010)

Maxine Kiss is a hunter who comes from a long line of powerful women, born to hunt the demons and zombies that threaten humans. Maxine isn't quite human herself, and she has a few demons of her own that literally tattoo her warrior body. Maxine is a warrior with a heart of gold, and the supporting characters are as animated and colorful as she is. When she wakes up one morning with partial amnesia and beside her grandfather's lifeless body, the action kicks in.

This is the third book in a series. Had I known that when I received the book, I would have set it aside and read the first two books. Unfortunately, or fortunately, by the time I clued in on the series situation I was already completely committed to this tale. You couldn't have pried this book out of my fingers with a crowbar. I loved it.

Given the detailed and complex world the author has created, I am really surprised I wasn't completely lost. Marjorie M. Liu did a wonderful job of creating a book that could be read on its own, but she also left out just enough background to make you want to read and learn more. I went ahead and ordered books one and two, and I am already looking forward to the fourth.

Liu has penned a gripping paranormal novel that has everything: multidimensional characters, an intriguing plot, romance, mystery and a little self-discovery, too. This intricate and imaginative read sucks you in quite easily. Have I mentioned that I loved it? I loved it.

book review by
Cherise Everhard

2 October 2010

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