Karen Lord,
The Best of All Possible Worlds
(Del Rey, 2014)

This novel does not follow the normal tropes, and that lack of the normal tropes is much of what makes it feel fresh and interesting.

In some ways, Karen Lord's The Best of All Possible Worlds reminds me of the best of YA novels, except that the main characters are mature adults. However, the level of curiosity and exploration is not standard in most novels aimed at adults.

I also welcomed the appearance here of a wide range of humans. Different races (and mixes between them); different sexes and genders; different chosen lifestyles -- all respected with no judgment.

The basic society seems workable as depicted, while still allowing room for all non-oppressive forms of organization. I loved the time I spent here!

Very recommended, especially if one likes the occasional meandering novel as a break from those that are very plot-focused.

book review by
Amanda Fisher

19 April 2014

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