Rachel Loshak,
(AppleBlossom, 2000)

When Rachel Loshak came to the United States from Suffolk in 1995, England lost a talented artist. Settling in New York City, she began performing in live venues, which she still does regularly. Her first CD was Here I Am in 1999. Firefly is her second release.

Loshak's voice is high, delicate and ever-so-slightly breathy. She matches it with quiet understated percussion and bass lines on guitar and cello to create an interesting and unique sound. Her music is clean and spare. She chooses not to obstruct the lilt and flow of her melodies with the embellishments favored by so many artists, and so her music can actually be heard and appreciated for itself, rather than the technical expertise she surely possesses. It is also interesting to note that while Loshak must have an accent when she speaks, it does not come across in her singing.

Her lyrics possess a quiet strength, especially on "China Doll" ("I will be picking up the pieces and I will glue them on my own") and "Something Inside" ("Something inside me doesn't want to drown"). The world has its ups and downs, but she can handle it and she can take care of herself.

Firefly, with its quiet melodies and Loshak's delicate singing, is a welcome change from the vocal acrobatics of many adult-contemporary/soft-rock artists.

[ by Laurie Thayer ]
Rambles: 27 October 2001

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