Lucy Angel,
Lucy Angel
(independent, 2011)

Lucy Angel is a contemporary country trio consisting of mother Kate Anderton and her two daughters, Lindsay and Emily. Together, they pump out commercial country that is not only designed to hit the charts but is a reflection of what is already there. Their harmonies are fresh, their voices as sound as just about anybody's currently out there, but if this self-titled, five-song EP is any indication, they've got a ways to go with their material and approach.

Three of the five songs were written by producer Anthony Smith. While Smith might be a good hand in the control room, his songwriting isn't that hot. His songs are pretty generic -- listening to them for the first time, you get the feeling you've heard them before. Further listenings reinforce this notion; the songs give you all they've got on first hearing.

As for the way Lucy Angel approaches these songs, we can't tell how much of it was determined by the singers and how much was determined by the producer, but again, "generic" is the word that comes to mind. As talented as they are -- and there is definite talent here -- Lucy Angel doesn't bring much that is new to the table.

music review by
Michael Scott Cain

17 September 2011

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