Katie MacAlister,
Aisling Grey, Guardian #2: Fire Me Up
(Signet, 2005)

I love Katie MacAlister's books. They're funny, smart, sexy -- but not too overpowering. You Slay Me, the prequel to this novel, was the first of MacAlister's work that I'd read and will not be my last. This one, Fire Me Up, is almost as good, although it's not quite as much a treat as You Slay Me.

MacAlister successfully combined a romance, mystery and comedy in You Slay Me. Fire Me Up has many of the same elements working. Of course, Aisling Grey shows up in Hungary to discover that Drake is already there. It's almost too easy that they get back together, with all the problems they had in the previous volume, and it's a little too predictable to say what happened.

The mystery doesn't really get in full swing 'til about page 200, which is a long time to set up. I guessed pretty accurately whodunit, so MacAlister wasn't as tricky this time around.

Probably my biggest complaint is that Jim got sidelined for a good chunk of the book. I'll admit right now, I love that demon dog. He makes the series for me.

review by
Becky Kyle

26 July 2008

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