Kendra MacGillivray,
Over the Waves
(self-produced, 2000)

Here's a CD that is sure to travel Over the Waves to music fans around the world. Antigonish, Nova Scotia's Kendra MacGillivray's third CD is her most innovative to date, sure to attract fans everywhere she goes. And already in her career, she's traveled from Nova Scotia to Australia, Atlanta to Germany. And she leaves the crowds wanting more! This CD can at least leave some of her magic behind with the fans.

From traditional fiddle tunes ("The Way To Mull River" and "Campbell's Road") to rag ("Fergus Rag") and polka ("Whistlin' Rufus") sets, there's something for everyone. Kendra includes some of her own compositions on this CD -- "Wally and Joyce Hayes March" and "Bridgeview Hornpipe" -- as well. Put this CD on and your feet will start tapping immediately!

If you're a dancer, this CD will instantly become a favourite. The rhythm and beat of the tunes is perfect for Highland and step dancing, among many other styles, and it's no surprise that danceable tunes are among the selections -- Kendra competed in Highland dance for 20 years! And the dancing runs in the family ... sister Sabra appears with her "dancing feet" on the "Fergus Rag." And the family influence doesn't end there -- brother Troy appears throughout the CD on piano, he was assistant producer on the recording (with Kendra as executive producer), and the CD opens with one of his own compositions, the infectious "The Trolly." Troy accompanies Kendra on piano at her shows as well.

Some of Nova Scotia's finest musicians accompany Kendra on Over the Waves, more than happy to help out this outgoing, energetic performer. These include J.P. Cormier on "The Banjo Set," Dave MacIsaac and John Chiasson on guitar and bass throughout, producer Scott Ferguson on percussion throughout, and Ann Gray on the "Pipe Set." Members of the Nova Scotia Symphony join Kendra on the title track "Over the Waves."

Kendra comes by her talent quite naturally, having been taught by Stan Chapman (teacher for Natalie MacMaster and Ashley MacIsaac, among many others). Her parents, Tony and Janice, both play instruments as well and her late grandfather was one of the first to record the Nova Scotia fiddle music in the 1930s. He was recognized posthumously for this accomplishment at the 2001 East Coast Music Awards, where Kendra, Sabra and Troy accepted the award and performed some of his tunes for a very appreciative crowd.

Take this CD home and you'll be jigging and reeling in no time at all. But for the full show, catch Kendra in concert if she's in a town near you!

[ by Kimberley Marie ]
Rambles: 10 August 2001