Karen Macinerney,
Tales of an Urban Werewolf #1: Howling at the Moon
(Ballantine, 2008)

To her knowledge, Sophie Garou is the only werewolf in Austin, Texas. She and her Mom planned it that way. Then, a handsome man locks eyes with her as he's crossing the street and she realizes he's a lycanthrope as well.

The situation only gets stranger when Sophie starts getting packages at work from someone who clearly knows who she is. Next, her psychic-witch Mom gets arrested for killing a politician with a love potion. Then, her handsome lawyer boyfriend plans their anniversary date on the full moon -- and an equinox as well.

Howling at the Moon will be great for you if you enjoy very light chick lit in the vein of Janet Evanovich's work. The story does have some hilarious moments, particularly when Sophie's trying to chase away a car thief.

Unfortunately, the characterization is light. We know the brand name of Sophie's car, purse, pantyhose, where she likes to shop, etc., but we don't get as many glimpses of her -- and what we do see is not favorable. For example, lying about her lycanthropy is a necessity, but lying about her Mom's shop, incarceration, etc. only gets her into trouble. Further, Sophie's lack of concern about innocent citizens being attacked by werewolves doesn't mark her as likable.

Finally, white witches do not offer love potions or compulsions. They base their practices on karma and forcing someone to do something against their will would carry a heavy karmic backwash.

review by
Becky Kyle

31 May 2008

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