(self-produced, 2004)

Light, airy and just a little spooky like the Fair Folk themselves, this eponymous work by a group of Nova Scotian Celtic harpers is a delight with a fleeting frisson of sinister eroticism. The harps of Maeve are golden, glorious, fabulously gliding through the expected jigs and ballads.

The album concludes with a surprisingly catchy and facile version of "Turkey in the Straw." A children's choir of Sidhe Bec, or little fairies, is featured on two haunting songs, "Coulter's Candy" and "All the Pretty Little Horses." Vocals are consistently luminous and the backup musicians sparkle as well.

This is just a wonderful little group and a great album; I look forward to more from them. It's the perfect soundtrack to a stormy spring day.

by Stephen Richmond
20 May 2006