The Mailman's Children,
Maritime Sun
(self-produced, 2001)

Maritime Sun is a well-crafted EP by the Mailman's Children. The songs flow into each other and leave you wanting more.

The music pulls you into the songs and support the lyrics wonderfully. At times the notes flow one after the other and at other times the music drives at you. The musicians on this CD are Eric Labossiere (lead vocals, backing vocals and acoustic guitar), Joel Couture (bass and backing vocals), Frank Landry (lead and rhythm electric guitars), Jean-Francois Chevrier (drums), Sky Onasson (keyboards), Eric Manaigre (keyboards), and Joanna Miller and Lance MacMaster (auxiliary percussion).

The CD starts off with "Beloved." The lyrics slide in softly and then reveal their darkness as you go further into the song. The music matches the mood of the lyrics throughout. The music drifts back to a gentler strain for "Call Us Cowards," and the dark edge to the lyrics is more subdued.

"Second Best" contains the quiet words of someone who is coming up in second place, and there is a haunting edge to the song. "Maritime Sun (Clouds and Rain)" adds a strange sorrow that is hard to explain, and yet it is also a beautiful song. The last song on the CD is "Will You Listen?" which keeps returning to that question, asking it again and again, and the song holds you with its simple lines and approach.

Maritime Sun is a beautiful slice of great music by the Mailman's Children. It might not be long, but it's worth listening to again and again and again....

[ by Paul de Bruijn ]
Rambles: 9 March 2002